Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Congratulates the People behind the Dubai Expo2020

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His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Auh crown prince congrats expo 2020Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces has extended his congratulations and facilitations to President, Vice Presidents, Rulers and UAE people behind the winning of Dubai Expo2020.
It reflects the world’s buoyancy in the ability of the UAE to host the biggest events and gives all of us the responsibility for doubling the efforts to make Expo 2020 in Dubai a unique and stupendous edition. What has been achieved today is a great work that made us all happy ahead of our National Day celebrations, according to the well-respected person.
As explained by the statement, the year after the United Arab Emirates bears out their ability to strive their aims and visions, thankful for the strength of the entire nation built by the founding father and the acumen of their leadership who was keen on preserving the national gains, for the relentless support the march of building and development as well as the capabilities for modernism and excellence in the field.
He noted that among nation UAE is the advanced when it comes to readiness of its communications, infrastructure and in addition to economic physique enabling it to host in any global events.
“The UAE has a wide and accumulated experience in hosting mega global events for decades. So we were greatly confident that the UAE’s bid to host Expo 2020 deserves to win. Our confidence was strengthened by the popular support and stance and the unlimited support shown by members of the community through their positive participation, cohesion and support to Dubai’s bid,” added the Crown Prince.
His show gratitude to all fraternal and friendly countries which supported Dubai’s bid to host the Expo2020. The generous gesture was the outcome of the friendly and fraternal ties that are based on the values of understanding, solidarity, cooperation, and mutual respect and interest.
The crown Prince also praised the genuine and efficient efforts which are made by the Dubai Expo2020 in the past months and conclude the wide support and well earned success.
“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” the Dubai Expo2020 theme, is among the foundations the United Arab Emirates adopts in its progress and development. It the UAE’s open invitation to the world to communicate and forge effective partnerships, collective cooperation between individuals, societies and states in order to find the best solutions to the development, progress and prosperity of humanity,” as he ended.