Creation of The Longest Corniche in the Emirates, Approved

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The Jumeirah Corniche development, a project plan for 14-kilometer Jumeirah Corniche inJumeirah Corniche development Dubai has been approved for formation. The beach starting from the area behind Dubai Marine Beach Resort down to Burj Al Arab Hotel will run 14 kilometers in length, making it the longest corniche in Dubai.
To encourage people towards a healthier way of life, it will comprise parks, beaches and additional tourist attractions with infrastructure from running tracks to swimming and rowing facilities.
The main goal of the project development is to encourage a healthier lifestyle, stressing that sport and physical activities are essential elements for society and a fundamental prerequisite for having healthy and productive individuals.
“The project aims to transform the sandy beach into a more vibrant area by adding aesthetic, recreational elements and public services for beach goers, be it residents or tourists who flock to Dubai beaches. Dubai is a favorite tourist destination for many nationalities, especially during vacations and holidays,” among of the head of the Roads and Transport Authority.
According to the one of respective people in Dubai they’re focus is to achieve peoples’ happiness by establishing all the necessary components to make both Emiratis’, expatriates and visitors happy and enjoying quality life.
“Our developmental projects are integrating to attain this ultimate goal. We are committed to investing in healthy human capital through providing an ideal enabling environment.” has ended.