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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the act in which the companies give back to the society. With sustainable advancement attaining greater substance the social responsibility of Adgeco Group to give back to the community has also been on the rise. The CSR is a policy for Adgeco Group to attest that our existence is not purely for making profit. The CSR plan deems the interest of customers, shareholders, communities and society at large.
Adgeco Group has placed a highlight on corporate citizenship by setting up a transparent tactic and defining a thorough programme with the purpose of contributing to the enhancement of the society.
Acknowledging that its employees can optimistically influence local communities, Adgeco Group programme has been enhanced and applied with our commitment.
Additionally, Adgeco Group aspires to implant principles of social obligation and accountability among its staff by giving confidence the employees to partake in community work. It is vital that as making decisions, a reliable company takes into full account its influence on the common public, the environment and the economy as a whole.
Adgeco Group sees CSR as essential to our thriving and continuing relationships with employees, customers, and the communities in which we work since it covers all features of corporate authority; making sure we perform our business in an principled and social means taking into account our environmental effect and individual human rights.
Driven by the Chairman and Senior Staff, we are ensuring that our CSR policy is determinedly entrenched in our organization’s traditions. Our method is planned to increase enhancement actions and responsiveness along with our staff at all levels, allowing them to support our values and performances.
We will certainly promote these values in our activities and places of work and then will be able to make and maintain a reasonable benefit, hence meeting and surpassing the future demands placed upon us. If we are to attain sustainability, we are extremely informed and interested of the need to take account of social restoration along with physical rejuvenation.

Mohamed Dekkak – Vice Executive President of Almoravide Foundation

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