Construction work for Dubai Water Canal will commence soon

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The partition of Safa Park has been finished, covering the way for more advancement to the current work of the Dh7.34-billion Dubai Water Canal project.

Construction work for Dubai Water Canal will commence soon

Construction work for Dubai Water Canal will commence soon

An official from Safa Park stated that labor began almost a week back and is almost finished. A main part of the park will be changed by the Dubai Canal. However, there is no information yet when work will begin at Safa Park.

It was reported previously that the building, where the Dubai Water Canal will get a turn after shifting through Sheikh Zayed Road and move on to substitute Safa Park, will shortly be demolished.

Safa Park was constructed in 1975, sheltering an area of 64 hectare, surrounding with three lakes and over 16,924 several bushes and trees.

Labors are already putting up the barriers and divider wall a week back. Canal project will be starting soon. People were surprised about this as they averred that there haven’t seen any notice. Even if they were saddened about it but they are sure that the canal will be an astonishing project and also has a jogging path.

A GCC national stressed that their family will definitely miss the park which seems to be so enjoyable every time they are chasing on it. They are also hoping when the canal project will be completed it will be more fascinating.

Construction work is in full swing with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) having tendered contracts, worth Dh1.7 billion, for the three phases of the project. Road modifications on Sheikh Zayed Road will start from October.

The Dubai Water Canal project will encompass four hotels, 450 restaurants and a new shopping centre including luxury housing and cycling paths.

It is anticipated to give new areas measuring 80,000 square meters for amenities and public places as well as private marinas for boats and a new trade centre at the entrance of the canal.

Mohamed Dekkak