Connectivity studies for the Port Safi, on track

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A meeting chaired by the Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics was held on July 10 in Rabat regarding the observation of the new port project of Safi and its connectivity to all transport networks like roads and rails.

Connectivity studies for the Port Safi, on track

Connectivity studies for the Port Safi, on track

The event was also graced by the presence of the department’s Secretary General together with the CEOs and representatives of public associations who are involve in the supervision of the project including the directors of AMDL, ANP, ONCF and ADM.

Connectivity of the future port of Safi to all transport networks (road and rail) is more than necessary. Thus this infrastructure will be a real boost for the launch of numerous projects in the region.

According to the Minister, the infrastructure will be a great lift for the launch of various projects that could contribute for the social and economic development of Abda-Doukkala region, the development of maritime and port sector and consequently the national economy.

Suggested field visits and quarterly meetings will take place involving all operators and stakeholders of OCP, Onee and the group of Safi province to guarantee the deliverance of the project is within the time frame given in 2017. The development of shops, laboratory, offices and workshop on the project site is almost fulfilled.

The new port of Safi is said to be one of the major projects of the port strategy for 2030 in which the organization will promote the six pole regions of the Kingdom namely Kenitra-Casablanca, Oriental, Northwest, Doukkala-Abda, Souss-Tensift and South.

The accomplishment of this bold strategy requires the utilization of financial resources over the next twenty years. To achieve the goals of the strategy, an investment amounting to 60 billion dirham or $ 3 billion per year will be allocated.

The planned investments will be funded through the execution of concession contracts or through Public-Private Partnerships of the operators of the sector including the National Ports Agency.

The financial outlay of port projects estimated at around 20 billion dirham are currently under consideration and underway with regard to the Mediterranean port of Tangiers 2 in Tangier City, the port of Nador WestMed, the new port of Safi, counting the port extensions in Sidi Ifni, Tarfaya, Jorf, Agadir and Dakhla.

Mohamed Dekkak