Co cleanliness Project launched in Mohammedia

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The “Co cleanliness” program aiming to improve the quality of life of citizens while involving all social components was launched on October 22 in headquarters of the Mohammedia prefecture.

Co cleanliness Project launched in Mohammedia

Co cleanliness Project launched in Mohammedia

This is a program that involves associations, property managers, schools, mosques, health services, the company delegate in waste collection and competent services. It is part of the strengthening the education and environmental awareness to promote waste sorting in neighborhoods. Carried the theme “Own Neighborhood: law and obligation,” this initiative will enable citizens to live together in a clean space.

This project is set off by the local chapter of the Association of Life and Earth Science Teachers (AESVT), residents associations, the municipality and the local authorities. Through this initiative, target areas will be processed and especially clean. It will install a new concept of waste management. The movement is to improve the aesthetics and cleanliness of the living areas, reinforce the values of solidarity and common life, mobilize and coordinate the various actors and local partners and follow the steps to create sorting systems in the collection and recycling of household waste.

The success of the said program remains dependent on effective involvement of all development actors and the local population, which is a main partner in this program. This project will last four years and is launched in 21 other Moroccan cities, 90 districts and 100 schools.

At each step, a partnership agreement was signed in cooperation between different local actors involved in waste management in cities to forms a local steering committee of the project which will be responsible for the planning and implementation and monitoring of project activities.

Mohamed Dekkak