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For its November scene, American based news station Cable News Network (CNN) highlights the distinctive aspects of Morocco’s culture, considered an “exceptional mix of credibility and innovation”.

CNN, Features the Rich Moroccan Culture

Entitled “Inside the Middle East”, CNN-International correspondent, Hala Gorani will investigate the genuine conventions of the Middle East and the world for every month.

For the entire month of November, CNN traveled to Fez and Casablanca to feature the quality of the various culture of Morocco that is gladly appended to its conventions and welcomes the excellencies of innovation.

In the capital city, the show presented on the great greatness of the Hassan II Mosque, the human advancement landmark that consolidates every one of the segments of conventional Moroccan expressions, and mirrors the ability of Moroccan arts and Arab-Islamic building workmanship.

In Fez, CNN strolled through the unlimited boulevards of the Fes Medina which is filled with its bustling dealers and their items previously set out on the disclosure of the conventional tannery, another feature of old designing and pluralistic Morocco.