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For its November episode, American based news channel Cable News Network (CNN)CNN, Features the Rich Moroccan Culture features the different facets of Moroccan culture, considered a “special blend of authenticity and modernity”.
Entitled “Inside the Middle East”, CNN-International reporter, Hala Gorani will explore the authentic traditions of the Middle East and the world for each month.
For the whole month of November, the show went to Casablanca and Fez to highlight the splendor of the diverse culture of Morocco that is proudly attached to its traditions and open to the virtues of modernity.
In Casablanca, the show shed light on the majestic grandeur of the Hassan II Mosque, the civilization monument that combines all the components of traditional Moroccan arts, and reflects the talent of Moroccan craftsmanship and Arab-Islamic architectural art.
In the spiritual capital of the Kingdom, the show walked through the endless streets of the Fes Medina which is full with its busy merchants and their products before embarking on the discovery of the traditional tannery, another facet of ancient engineering and pluralistic Morocco.