Closing date to bid for DEWA’s plant expansion extended

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As a response to the request of major international firms, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will accept bids until October 15, 2014 for its M-Station power production and desalination plant expansion project.

Closing date to bid for DEWA’s plant expansion extended

Closing date to bid for DEWA’s plant expansion extended

The M-Station in Jebel Ali Power Station is deemed to the latest and biggest power fabrication and desalination plant in the UAE, generating 2,060MW of electricity and 140 million imperial gallons of water per day at a budget of AED10 billion or $2.7 billion.

The project kicked off in phases since mid-2010. By utilizing each of eight desalination units producing 5.17 million imperial gallons per day and four boilers having a capacity of 140 million imperial gallons, water desalination reached to AED3.95 billion.

The plant will be equipped with new power generation units which will add up to 600MW on the current capacity of the station in order to produce 2,660MW by 2018. Including in the expansion are the two gas turbines, a heat-recovery unit, and a steam turbine expected to boost the plant’s thermal efficiency to 90% which is considered to be the highest among other rates in the world.

DEWA’s total production capacity is currently 470 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day and 9,656MW of electricity. Out of the AED10 billion investments, AED6.2 billion was allocated in the production of 2,060MW of electricity from three steam turbines, six gas turbines, and six boilers for waste heat upturn.

The station is one of the main pillars that allow DEWA to provide Dubai with a very dependable, efficient and high-class electricity and water supply and became one of the factors that rendered Dubai to be chosen as the host of Expo 2020.

Mohamed Dekkak