City of Mohammedia set to enhance tourism potential

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To sustain the full potential of the City of Mohammedia, an effective policy will be required in reviving the City of flowers in all areas, and to foster recreation for greater appeal.

City of Mohammedia set to enhance tourism potential

City of Mohammedia set to enhance tourism potential

The authorities, politicians, civil society, private sector and others must be involved in the realization of an effective strategy that can develop the interest of destination to Mohammedia. The solution is definitely a considered policy to promote new and sustainable events that could raise the seaside town among the major tourist destinations.

Lessons of the past have been retained as efforts were made to further facilitate the seaside city. Many events have been planned which includes a multifaceted festival, a craft fair, an exhibition of plants and flowers, murals, fantasia, sporting events, exhibitions of local products and the likes. These events have had a positive impact, because contrary to what one might think, festivals are a platform for reflection, peace and trade.

The City of Mohammedia must cherish its rich heritage, and celebrate the art, culture and entertainment, and above all, it must develop its potential and consider a tourism concept related to current changes to the real needs specified in its region. The visitors are not only attracted to the sea and the sun, but also by other things, like the history of the city, the lifestyle of its people and culture, among others.

Efforts should be extended to create new hotel units and the renovation of old residential facilities, not to mention the realization of recreational and sports projects in the region of Mohammedia. The city, with its beaches, palm trees and greenery, has a huge potential just waiting to be exploited.

Mohamed Dekkak