Children Playgrounds To Be Constructed In Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi Municipality has revealed the design of 20 locations for children playgrounds to be structured within parks in 2015-2016 at a cost of above AED30.5 million.

Children Playgrounds To Be Constructed In Abu Dhabi

Children Playgrounds To Be Constructed In Abu Dhabi

The playgrounds will cover an area of approximately 14,000 sqm under the infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi Mainland-North. As part of the master development plan of Abu Dhabi, these projects manifest that the municipal technique’s enthusiasm and plan intended at increasing infrastructure scheme of all cities and building parks and playgrounds.

The projects adapt to the uppermost global requirements and tackle the welfare necessaries for visitors and children as well children plus the children playing spaces.

In 2015, covering an area of 4,690sqm, six children’s playing areas have been structured with project value of AED 9 million. The project comprised of building children playgrounds, developing the rubber tracks, constructing sheds, planting trees & ground cover plants, installing irrigation & lighting systems and some other project necessities.

The allocation of parks structured enclosed the formation of one park at Baniyas East, four parks at Mohammed bin Zayed City hosting the aforesaid children playgrounds, and one park at Khalifa city.

As part of its plan for 2016 intended at refurbishing the infrastructure, Abu Dhabi Municipality is now commencing the construction of 14 fun and leisure facilities in Abu Dhabi mainland – north as part of a project for constructing 20 children playing areas filling an area of beyond 9,700 sqm, with an estimation value of above AED20.5 million

On the other hand, main landscaping projects that have been structured in Abu Dhabi and outskirts since 2015, part of Phase VI, the municipality finished a project expected at enhancing and embellishing vicinities elsewhere Abu Dhabi Island, and recuperating parks & infrastructure in the mainland.

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