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Adgeco Group offers best Chemical Decontamination services with its highly qualified staff and long experience form 1992 with a



huge list of customers of chemical decontamination.

Decontamination programs – benzene and other hazards associated with refinery and petrochemical processing can be eliminated in a fraction of the time normally associated with a shutdown.

  • Provide technical refinery expertise to enhance turnkey service and ensure compliance to details
  • Process apply to crude units, FCCU units, lube oil plants, ethylene and butadiene plants as well
  • Mobile pump and filtration system
  • Refinery distillation and fractionation towers, accumulators, drums, reactors and exchanger
  • Safely removal of Pyrophoric iron sulfides and residual H2S
  • Completely removes all hydrocarbons from metal surfaces
  • Closes loop on toxic discharges from plant operations and turnarounds

Chemical Cleaning Services – quality chemical cleaning using a variety of solvent systems including chelants, organic solvents, inhibitors, alkaline cleaners, organic acid emulsions, mineral acids and detergents.

  • Boilers, Piping, Heat Exchangers, Evaporators, Cooling Water Systems & Towers, Reactor Jackets, Process Vessels
  • Admiralty brass, copper, carbon steel, austenitic stainless steels, martensitic stainless steel, inconel, monel, titanium, zirconium, borosilicate glass

Catalyst Handling Services

  • Isolation / blinding of equipment
  • Removal / installation of internals
  • Vacuum unloading / gravity unlading of catalyst
  • Catalyst skimming
  • Pre-bagging, pre-socking and screening of catalyst
  • Reactor neutralization
  • Dense loading & unidense loading
  • Video inspection & DP testing
  • Inert entry

Bundle Pulling Services – Truck/Aerial Mounted Bundle Pullers

  • Fully self contained bundle extractor to pull and push back horizontal tube bundles
  • Transport bundles to the cleaning slab

Hydrojetting Services

  • Mechanical Work (blinding / de-blinding and opening / closing heat exchangers)
  • Pulling and inserting tube bundles by means of hydraulic powered Bundle puller
  • Hydrojetting tubes, internally & externally
  • Pressure testing
  • IBC 5 Inside Bundle Cleaner
  • Outside Bundle Cleaner

Equipment Rental Services

  • Steam Generator (Boiler)
  • Fracture/holding tanks