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Ibn Battuta Festival: World Peace Initiative

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta who came from Morocco was a well-known Muslim scholar and a great globetrotter till date. Being a curious young man, his interests drew more towards traveling and discovering the new places. Hence, he is best known for his long trips and journeys. Battuta’s travels lasted…

Amazing Reasons to attend the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Witnessing a cultural festival from any country is like watching their tradition unveil right before your eyes. Festivals happen in every part of the globe and Ibn Battuta International Festival is among those festivals which are meant for the peace loving tourists and the travelers from other regions towards Morocco….

Ibn Battuta Festival: Connecting World Travelers

This year, Tangier is going to host the second edition of International Festival of Ibn Battuta. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta is going to organize the event and all the activities that are taking place. Preparations are now in order to promote the cultural and industry in the place….

The Science of Travel Bliss

Science has long proven that traveling is one of the best means to sustain happiness. Modern technology can now measure and quantify the logic behind being happy and how to achieve its optimum level. Surely, the road to being happy is different for everyone, but research has suggested specific aspects…

On Stage: Life Story of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta is famous because of many things and activities he has done in his whole life. The most important activities he has done in his entire life were traveling and literature. He used to narrate his travel stories and tales. He also narrated the tales of the areas and…