Casablanca’s Latest Social Projects instated by King Mohammed VI

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King Mohammed VI inaugurated new social projects for the Old Medina Upgrading Program that targets the needs of the population and toCasablanca’s Old Medina take care of the city’s limitations and deficiencies.

The projects will facilitate the enhancement of people’s access to essential services, augment youth competences and to preserve the historical legacy of Casablanca’s Old Medina.

The 33 million dirham projects “Buenaventura” culture house, “Bousmara” health center, and a meeting area will be accomplished as part of the Anti-Poverty Initiative (INDH).

The amenities of the “Bousmara” health center are the Medical Insurance Plan for the Financially Underprivileged (RAMED) office, mother-child health care, units for general medicine, physiology section and center that address addiction.
The services provided by the new facility are medical examinations and check-ups for cancer diagnosis and other chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension as well as the prevention of tuberculosis and drug abuse awareness.
The refurbishment of the “Buenaventura” church into a culture house will serve as an exhibition hall, library that showcases 6,492 books, a reading room for physically impaired people, and a playing field for kids and a computer room. The cultural facility will encourage youngsters to read, and will address exclusion, illiteracy in slum areas by means of community-based education and pastime activities.
The generations’ meeting area is set open new prospects and bridge groups of different ages. It serves as an area for youth and women’s social and vocational integration. It will provide training and literacy classrooms, sewing and pottery workshops, a computer room, a multi-purpose hall, an elderly ward physiotherapy room, prayer rooms, a cafeteria, an aerobics hall and a martial arts hall.
Mohamed Dekkak