Casablanca Tramway Records 22 Million Passengers in 1 year

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Since the Casablanca tramway launched for public use last year, about 21.812 millionCasablanca Tramway Records 22 Million Passengers in 1 year passengers have been recorded who traveled using the said infrastructure.
Casa Trams communication department said that this traffic figure generated revenue of $15 million or 123 million dirhams.
Because of the remarkable record, Casa Trams aims to reach 250,000 travelers per day by end of 2015 as all operating indicators of the first Casablanca tramway line are positive since its appearance in the city. Presently, the tramway caters services to 100, 000 daily.
Frequencies of trains (37 trains running on the line) are now 5 min 15 sec on the common section (Sidi Moumen – Anual) and ten minutes on the branch lines, with a speed of 18.1 km/h (Sidi Moumen – Ain Diab) and 18.8 km/h (Sidi Moumen – faculties), according to Yasmine Mekki on the occasion of the tramway’s first anniversary.
The number of passengers using this mode of transport has also sky-rocketed, exceeding two million passengers per month from May to July, and September, peaking at 2.249 million passengers in November.
This first line covers many areas and neighborhoods but remains insufficient to meet the growing needs of public transport users in Casablanca. To achieve this goal, according to the President of Casablanca’s City Council Mohamed Sajid, a full/complete transport network with three other tram lines, a RER (an express train) and another subway line must be established to connect the dense zone and urban extensions.
This will require a 157-kilometer network of line including 57 kilometers of RER that connects Mohammedia and Mohammed V airport passing by the center of Casablanca, with an underground section of 9 km between Casa Port and Casa South.
The network will also include an elevated train running for 15 km, with a cost of 8 billion dirhams to serve high density neighborhoods (Rchid Moulay Sidi Othman, Sbata, Derb Sultan, Maaraif and Burgundy), that represent two million people with an estimated traffic of 400,000 passengers per day.
The tramway crosses the city from east to west over a distance of 31 km, this is the longest train line ever built at once in Casablanca, connecting major areas of the city and including 48 stop stations. Each 65-meter long train can accommodate 604 passengers including 105 seats, with an expected number of 250,000 passengers per day in 2015.