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The Global Financial Centre Index (GFCI) brings Casablanca in the leading club of majorCasablanca Shines In the Elite Club of Financial Center financial centers of the world on its 15th edition of the ranking. Media 24 hulled report GFCI and restores on highlights for Morocco and the MENA region.

The GFCI, which ranks financial centers based on their competitiveness, is accomplished through the aggregation of 103 competitiveness flies including those of the World Bank, the WEF and OECD on the one hand and evaluation of finance professionals on the other.

Casablanca makes a grand entrance in the classification powered directly to the 62th place in the ranking (of 83 financial centers listed).

Casablanca achieves a score of 622, knowing that the scores range from 786 to New York, first in the standings at 423 Athens bringing up the rear.

Although this is Tel Aviv (21th overall with a score of 692) which is the first place in the Mena region to Qatar (26th with a score of 687), Dubai (29th with a score of 684) Riyadh (31th with a score of 682), Abu Dhabi (32th with a score of 678), Bahrain (40th with a score of 660), Istanbul (47th with a score of 651), Johannesburg (50th with a score of 647) and Casablanca (62th with a score of 623), this is the place Dubai is the most acclaimed by professionals who responded to the questionnaire.

Casablanca is ranked among countries with good depth and awareness of transnational level. No financial center of Mena and Africa region combines the depth and diversity. Dubai alone is in a better position than Casablanca with a global reputation and good depth, while Johannesburg is credited as a reputation locally despite a good diversification of services.

With this entry in the popular classification of GFCI, this is the strategy jointly conducted for several years by the Moroccan public and private sectors to put the country in key emerging country that is welcomed.

Remains to stay the course of reforms, particularly in terms of business climate and opening to enter the Top 40 ranking and become the 1st African financial center.