Casablanca launches its first industrial solar energy cluster

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Moroccan government continues to push through with developing renewable energy with the creation of its first industrial solar Morocco-solar-concentrator-plantsenergy cluster on Monday.

The government first made the effort of having sustainable energy in 2009 with the aim of achieving it by year 2020. Aside from being independent from bringing in energy from international sources, other benefits seen from the said project are increase in locally hired labor and advancing of the country’s competitiveness in solar energy.

Since many countries already support the advancement of sustainable or renewable energy, Morocco is going the extra mile in making sure to hit the target in the designed time frame. In the beginning of the NOOR project, it was stated that there will be five locations for the solar industry to be able to produce 2,000 megawatts six years from now.

Aside from national benefits the project’s success will provide, it will also help the whole of the world’s climate, health and economy since there will be little to no harmful effects to the environment and it can sustain itself.

During the launch, Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy‘s representative stated that the project is an important step toward the nation’s goals.


Mohamed Dekkak