Casablanca known as global financial center

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Casablanca known as global financial center

Casablanca known as global financial center

Casablanca was positioned first among the places being tipped by experts and finance professionals as the emerging global financial hubs likely to become significant in the upcoming.

In a recent Global Financial Center Index (GFCI) report published earlier this year, Casablanca’s ranking was still somewhat low overall (62 out of 83). However, asked regarding the cities they assumed will likely become more important in the next few years, most finance professionals placed the Moroccan metropolitan in the first position.

They are laying a lot of work into it there, according to the associate director of Z/Yen Group, Mark Yeandle. They have a wise finances and a good team.

Casablanca intends to arrive at the purpose of becoming the next big thing in global financial hubs through its Casablanca Finance City Authority.

The CFCA is working hard to position Casablanca as a global financial center by building its technology infrastructure and boosting the legal environment in which business is done.

CFCA states it has managed to fascinate business heavyweights and over 100 corporations, as well as BNP Paribas, American International Group (AIG), Clifford Chance, Silk Invest and Boston Consulting Group to name a few.

Casablanca was positioned first ahead of Busan (South Korea), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Shanghai (China), Kuala Lumpur (Singapore), Dalian (China), Dubai (UAE), Qatar and Luxembourg.

Mohamed Dekkak