Casablanca Cruise Terminal Road Tender Due is Until October 31

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Morocco’s national ports agency (ANP) has tendered a contract covering the study of theCasablanca Cruise Terminal Road Tender Due is Until October 31 roads and utilities needed to service Casablanca’s new cruise ship and ferry terminal. Bids are due to be opened on 31 October.
Outstandingly, Casablanca cruise ship traffic has been steadily increasing. In 2012, tourists arriving to Casablanca by cruise ship increased by 10 per cent with a total of 292,329 tourists arrived compared with 244, 353 people in 2011.
Morocco wants to execute a greater share of the cruise and tourism sector, positioning Casablanca as an essential stop for European cruise ship operators.
The existing port does not currently have adequate capacity to support cruise ships. No vessels of more than 200 meters in length can dock at certain terminals and the port does not have facilities such as covered walkways or a reception area to welcome tourists as they disembark. The current plan will see a new terminal built on the Moulay Youssef port at a former oil station. The planned position of the facility will ensure the terminal is separated from the commercial area of the port. The scope of the study will look at earthworks, including the construction of pavements, facilities to deal with waste and storm water, as well as substations required to provide public lighting.
Moroccan government is currently overseeing a National Port Strategy 2030, under which the country is aiming to complete six port projects at an estimated cost of €5.4bn ($7.3bn) by 2030.