Casablanca is among most expensive cities in the world

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A consulting firm has released its latest annual survey of the most lavish cities in the world in which Casablanca ranked 107th in 2014.

Casablanca is among most expensive cities in the world

Casablanca is among the most expensive cities in the world

The economic capital of the Kingdom jumped 18 places from the 2013 ranking while Rabat progresses in twelve months at 163rd running of the standings ahead of Cleveland, Belgrade or Johannesburg.

Correspondingly, some African cities remain in the top of the survey in 2014, reflecting the high prices of goods consumed by expatriates. Luanda hails and is still the most expensive city for expatriates across Africa and the world, followed by N Djamena in 2nd place. Victoria, Seychelles is the third most expensive city in Africa, followed by Gabon and Libreville. In South Africa, Cape Town went down 8 places in the ranking.

The survey covers 211 cities on five continents and measures the relative cost of over 200 items in each city which pertains to food, housing, transport, clothing, entertainment, and household goods. Currency effects are measured relative to the American dollar as New York is used as the base city and it is where all cities are being compared to.

Several cities have jumped the list this year after a sharp increase in both the cost and demand for housing, combined with strong local currencies including Dhaka and Nairobi at 117 and Dubai at 67 increased by 37, 30 and 23 points respectively.

Meanwhile, N’Djamena and Luanda are considered very expensive for emigrants as most consumer goods are imported. Also, finding safe housing that meets Western standards can be difficult and very costly.  This is basically the reference why some African cities have a high ranking in our survey.

Other cities listed in the top ten of the most expensive for expatriates are the cities Berne, Shanghai, and Moscow. ranked 211 is Karachi, it is the least expensive city in the world for expatriates. The survey discovers that Luanda is thrice as expensive as Karachi.

Currency variation and the effect of the hike on services and goods have affected the cost of expatriate programs, and therefore the ranking.

Mohamed Dekkak