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Job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates are expected to get high boost after Dubai Careers Opportunity Increased in UAE Expectedwon the bid to host the Expo 2020. According to the Industry Experts, there is prediction of return to the emirate’s pre 2008 days.
Expo 2020, which will run for six months, is expected to bring in many expatriates that are looking for work. On the next five years, an approximation of 200,000 jobs careers will be generated, but according to the one official of human resources consulting firm, says it is difficult to determine where those jobs are coming from.
Although UAE has already seen a healthy job growth over the past year as the economy has began to recover. In 2008, economy suffered from a sharp downturn, which led to many expatriates working lose their job in UAE and leave the country. By the helped of tourism a recovery in its real estate market, more expatriates have turned to UAE for new job.
Director of Towers Watson Middle East expressed his expectation for higher professional competition “that could to a certain extend resemble the pre-2008 labor dynamics, including higher employee turnover and spike in salaries.”
“From the longer-term perspective, Expo 2020 will help improve the UAE and the Middle East’s image worldwide. This will increase the regions’ attractiveness and ability to hire expatriate talent,” he said.
“It may not be linked to 2020; it may be linked to business plans,” he said. The jobs will be created will be in the construction, real estate, hospitality, aviation, retail and services sectors. Both low-level and professional jobs will be in demand, he ended.