From a Canal to a New Hideaway

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The 3km stretch at the close to Al Safa Park in Dubai Canal will soon be developed into a new attraction and a place to visit for the public. From the Business Bay all the way through the Jumeirah Beach is considered as one of the most visited spot in Dubai.

From a Canal to a New Hideaway

From a Canal to a New Hideaway

That is why they are planning to establish a hospitality center in the area including four-world class hotels, 450 restaurants and waterfront boardwalk. According to the source, an estimated Dh 2 billion budget is being planned to be allotted on this project.

The Director of Roads at Roads and Transport Authority says that these projects will absolutely going to change the area. The place is going to be a perfect place for leisure and relaxation.
As the planner of the this project, Al Safa will provide a 50,000 sqm size of shopping mall, a total of 6km of beach and a 80,000 sqm lounge waterfront cloister and a relaxation area.

There will be also an area for those who wants to do cycling and jogging, a recreational spot where the children can also stay. They will also utilize the water area by putting marine transportation and jetties.

They are expecting to finish the project on September 2016 and they also anticipating more tourists to come in Dubai as the country continue to enhance the tourism industry.

Mohamed Dekkak