British-made Supercar to Create World Record in UAE Track

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Keating Bolt, a british-made car will take Ras Al Khaimah track in UAE to try to becomeBritish-made Supercar to Create World Record in UAE Track the fastest car in the world, later this year.
The supercar is equipped with six-speed gearbox using light-weight “space-age” material and 800 horsepower engine.
Manchester –based company and the creator of Keating Bolt, Keating Supercars said that this super car can “take you from a heart-thumping thumping 230mph plus to an astronomical and out-of-this-world 0.5 Mach (340mph)”.
Hitting a speed of 0.5 Machs is equivalent to an aircraft travelling at half the speed of sound, car experts say. Keating Bolt will try to beat the record for the world’s fastest road car of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which can clock 268mph.
Anthony Keating, founder and designer of Keating Supercars, said the Bolt, which will go on sale for a whopping Dh4.5million, could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just two seconds. On a website he quoted, “The car is unique with many of the components engineered in our own workshop. For real supercar enthusiasts, with very deep pockets, a twin turbo charged version of the Bolt would achieve 0 to 60mph in two seconds and travel faster than any supercar in history”.
Supercars and luxury vehicles became a big hit in the UAE; enthusiasts said the world record attempt would attract plenty of attention.