Brand UAE categorized as world’s third-strongest

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Brand UAE is now worth above US$400 billion and is fixed to defy Singapore as the country with the strongest worldwide representation.

Brand UAE categorized as world’s third-strongest

Brand UAE categorized as world’s third-strongest

The endeavors of the seven emirates have hoisted the nation to the world’s third-strongest nation brand and the 29th most valuable internationally.

That is according to the result of the London-based consultancy which has been reported its much-expected yearly ranking of 100 countries.

The standings get into account aspects including a nation’s representation, assessments and opinions concerning quality of life, safety, simplicity of doing business and the pervasiveness, or lack of, corruption.

Government officials welcomed the news that the UAE has turned out to be the world’s third-strongest nation brand as it is inspiring to see a considerable bound and it surely utters to the advancement and growth the UAE has created since its foundation in 1971. Everybody is contributing to the UAE’s forthcoming success and Expo 2020 Dubai corresponds to a substantial highlight on this journey.

The UAE is now after only Singapore and Switzerland in terms of its brand intensity. In 2015, it was ranked 21st internationally. To see the UAE recognized for its amplifying brand intensity is exceptionally optimistic, according to a government official.

The nation’s endeavors in endorsing its winning bid to host the World Expo 2020 will indeed have contributed to this bound and this has been assisted by the undertakings of the emirates also. The mutual efforts of the UAE as intact, the individual emirates and local firms have all given. Report also added that UAE looked set to tumble Singapore as the world’s strongest nation brand.

The technique that the UAE’s economy is going from force to force, it wouldn’t be that surprised to see it surpass Singapore in the upcoming, as the number one nation brand. This results proved that Brand UAE was first-class.

The intensity of the UAE’s brand appears fairly by means of the marketing attempts of individual emirates.

The UAE’s standing does not acquire into account the moneymaking possibilities of the nation’s status and repute.

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