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The Madrasa Bou Inania is a madrasa constructed in Fez, in Morocco, between 1350 and 1355 for Sultan Abu ‘Inan Faris or under the empire of Mérinides.

Bou inania madrasa

Bou inania madrasa

It is the only madrasa in the city with a minaret, and it also connected stores for its financing, plus massive latrines, which demonstrate to its public nature. Certainly, the madrasa operated both as a school and as mosque during Friday.

This madrasa is open to non-Muslims, like the Ben Youssef medersa in Marrakech, forinstance. The madrasah was situated in the city, in an area building connection between the old city and new constructions mérinides. The framework is variable, because of the place, however a degree of evenness is scrutinized there. The main entry controls to a large central patio onto which open two smaller halls for classes, and topped with wooden domes. This design prompts plans two iwans, born in Iran and applied in Egypt Mamluk.

At the end of the patio, there is a prayer room made of two naves corresponding to the qibla. It consists of a single mihrab, which sends off into the wall, and four onyx columns. This room is enclosed with two wooden arches.

Covering this main compound open out students cells, open from the entrance hall out of constricted corridors.

All Marinid construction, the furnishings are loaded and exceptional. Three materials are in the highlight – Stucco, worked muqarnas, which decorates the arches and niches, carved wood complex star patterns or crafting an impressive cornice, and mosaics in the boarding.

The front and the water clock. The frontage of the madrasa has kept an incomparable and extremely complex concern of water clock, including a system that permitted to know specifically prayer times. It was constructed by Abu Sa’id and refurbished by Abu Inan Faris.

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