Blades for wind turbine to be manufactured in Tangier

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Tangier will see the construction of a wind turbine blade factory within two years.

Blades for wind turbine to be manufactured in Tangier

Blades for wind turbine to be manufactured in Tangier

The German company specializing in Electrification, automation and digitalization require innovative solutions found Tangier as the suitable location to build its production facility which cost 100 million euros.

The CEO of the Wind Power and Renewable Energy Division of the company has entered into a contract with the Minister of Energy, Mines, Water, and Environment of Morocco and the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Investment, and Digital Economy of Morocco regarding the production facility specifically for wind turbine blades.

The plant which measures 37, 500 square meters is to be built in the industrial zone of Tangiers Automotive City, around 35 kilometers from the port of Tangier-Med. The blades that are manufactured will be exported. As per the reports released by the German company, the first batch of production covers 63-meter blades which are fabricated through a composite material. They are currently regarded as some of the most largely produced turbine blades in the world using this material.

The plant in Tangier plant is the third factory of the German company in Morocco under the renewable energy sector, after  the 300 megawatts Tarfaya wind farm and the 50-megawatt Haouma park, built with the Moroccan partner Nareva. The new facility is expected to create nearly 1,200 direct and indirect jobs.

The ministers expressed their gratefulness being chosen to host one of the most contemporary and sophisticated factories of the German company in the world. I is believed that the introduction of the new plant will highlight Morocco in the renewable energy industry as it will provide for the first time blades for wind turbines manufactured in the country.

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