Bill Amended to Promote Fish Farming in Morocco

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Kingdom of Morocco’s government amended a bill encouraging its citizen and tourists toBill Amended to Promote Fish Farming in Morocco patronize fish farming as promotion for the fisheries sector.
Naturally, Morocco produces 13,000 tons of freshwater fish “quality” especially trout annually. The fishing sector of the Kingdom provides 700,000 workdays.
According to the Minister of Communication, the Kingdom has a long course of wades averaging to 1,500 km and ponds and spread over a total area of 700 hectares lakes.
In addition, some 128 water reservoirs covering and supplying water to 128,000 hectares have important fish resources. Notably, about 72 species of freshwater fish are available on these areas.
Freshwater fishing in the country has enthusiasts of which some 3,000 anglers are identified.
This type of fishing is regulated to preserve nature and to meet international agreements signed by Morocco in particular environment.