Biggest Shopping Mall in North Africa will be Built in Morocco

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The biggest shopping center in the North Africa Region will be built in the new Zenata Eco-Biggest Shopping Mall in North Africa will be Built in MoroccoCity, a government project on the eastern border of Casablanca, Morocco and will be open to the public by 2017.
Last week, Dubai-based multinational company Al Futtaim Group signed a joint venture agreement for the construction of this immense project. It is the first project in Morocco of the Dubai conglomerate company.
The Moroccan shopping mall includes 120,000 sqm of shopping space throughout two levels, which includes an 8,350 square meter Marjane hypermarket, 26,000 square meter IKEA store, a 10,000 square meter leisure and entertainment space, and a 3,400 square meter cinema, and other shopping outlets.

The Vice-President of the company expressed his enthusiasm to start the project. He said, “this is a significant milestone for Al-Futtaim Group’s initial venture into Morocco’s 32 million solid markets as we keep our regional expansion drive in the continent of Africa”.
The location of the biggest shopping mall, Zenata Eco-City has 1,830-hectare master plan is anticipated to become a living space to 300,000 people as part of a strategic plan to lessen socio-economic differences among the West and East of the capital and to bolster the economy of the city.