Bigger and Better Dubai Shopping Festival on January 2014

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Organizers of DSF promised a bigger and better festival all set to start on first month ofBigger and Better Dubai Shopping Festival on January 2014 2014.

Starting January 2, more than half a million dirhams will be up for grabs, with a daily Nissan car raffle and several kilos of gold being given out and above 150 events and happenings, including musical concerts, sporting events and festive carnivals, will chart the way for a month-long festivities of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2014.

With everyone keen on Dubai post Expo 2020 win, DSF team is fully mindful that they have to step up to the expectations since DSF 2014 is the first festivity following the declaration of Expo 2020 victory.

According to one of the chief organizers, the company has made additional work to ensure that DSF will live up to its status as a festival for everyone by classifying a few extra and specific areas of the city to host the different activities. This will allow full exposure and chances for visitors to experience the vitality of this extravaganza and also earn its benefits”,

The 19th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival will feature roaming, stage and street performers, spectacular fireworks and various other activities on its opening day.

Festivity and carnivals go together, and DSF 2014 will be recalled for its eye-catching feasts thanks to a vibrant selection of roaming, street and stage artists coming together to present at the DSF Carnival, which will be the largest carnival in the history of DSF.

DSF accounts for 30 percent of yearly trade sales in Dubai and it has helped place the city as an international tourist destination.

In an outstanding lavish promotion, the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group is providing DSF shoppers the opportunity to win kilos of gold and quarter carat diamond solitaire rings across the 32 days of the festivity.