Bid opening for the Integrated Wind Project, held

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The National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) conducted the opening of the technical bids for the tender No. SP 40311, relating to the 850 MW Integrated Wind Power Project.

Bid opening for the Integrated Wind Project, held

Bid opening for the Integrated Wind Project, held

The 850 MW integrated wind project will be awarded not later than January 2015 and the announcement of the successful bidder may fall on December. It is possible to be postponed until late January 2015 if more clarification is necessary on the offer of pre-qualified bidders according to the agency.

The opening of the technical bids for the tender is related to the development, design, financing, construction and operation and maintenance of this wind project. As announced exclusively in June, the deadline for submission of technical bids was initially scheduled on June 20, 2014 but the top management ONEE had to postpone the filing of these deals at the request of five pre-qualified bidders. This is to improve the competitiveness of their offer and especially better detail their approach to the establishment of an industrial integration.

The wind mega-project is around 14 billion dirhams; industrial integration is an essential component. The five pre-qualified bidders submitted bids on industrial integration which will consist of the establishment, manufacturing and assembly of wind turbine components pertaining to towers, blades, nacelles, and hubs in Morocco. In a statement, ONEE states that pre-qualified bidders are belong to country of Morocco, Spain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany and Denmark.  Industrial integration also involves the transfer of know-how by installing service centers (customer service) and O & M (maintenance), as well as training centers. It also relates to the acquisition of goods and services locally for the construction of five wind farms.  Technical bids, in their entirety, are now subject to the review of the evaluation commission, which included technical, legal and financial advisors to the Board.

This mega-project is part of the integrated program of wind energy launched in June 2010 and which covers the construction of several parks with a total capacity of 1,000 MW to achieve in 2020 an installed capacity of 2,000 MW. It was split into two phases. The first project is the150 MW Taza wind farm with the power purchase agreement was signed July 2013. The second consists of five wind farms with a total capacity of 850 MW in “Midelt” with 150 MW, “Tiskrad” (Tarfaya) with 300 MW, “Tanger II” 100 MW,  “Jbel Lahdid (Essaouira)” 200 MW,  “Boujdour” 100 MW which are all to be commissioned between 2016 and 2020.

On the financial aspect of the project, ONEE lifted concessional financing to the tune of 385 million Euros and 31 million dollars equivalent to 4.5 billion dirham from donors such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) sharing 200 million Euros, the German Bank with 130 million Euros and the Investment Facility in the vicinity of the European Union allocating  15 million Euros to wind farms located at Midelt, Tanger II and Jbel Lahdid, the African Development Bank (ADB) with 40 million Euros) as well as the 31 million dollars for the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) conveyed via the ADB, dedicated to wind farm Tanger II.

Mohamed Dekkak