‘Bibliotram’; Casablanca Tram as Reading Hub

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The Association of Young Leaders Moroccan (JLM FSJES Settat) wants to launch the'Bibliotram'; Casablanca Tram as Reading Hub initiative “Bibliotram” in coordination with Casa Tramway that aims to install free libraries at the heart of trains tram line in the economic capital.

Out with the pleasure of reading, Moroccans must be brought or pushed books by the associative fabric and governments.

For the association JLM FSJES Settat, this initiative in Casablanca tramway can break the routine of the passengers who are generally, sleepy, playing with their mobile, chat or watch their neighbors because of boredom. Time that could be exploited nice way allowing the user of the tram to plunge into a new universe.

The project also targets to increase the latest statistics from the Ministry of Culture demonstrating that on average a Moroccan only reads two minutes per year.

Reading is the best way to increase vocabulary, develop their creative thoughts, new experiences, and increase our knowledge so Bibliotram would be a very good tool promoting “reading” as part of everyday lives.

To carry out this project, JLM FSJES Settat is currently seeking financial support to implement the “Bibliotram”.