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The World Luxury Hotel of 2013 has given the recognition “Best New Luxury Hotel” to Best New Luxury Hotel Ascertain at MoroccoPalais Namaskar in Marrakesh.
The Palais Namaskar also got a similar award by the well-known American Magazine and Só Safari magazine. It is often featured in hospitality industry and some of the best world travel guides.
The luxury Moroccan Hotel is a like an upscale village. There are things that the hotel resorts have very unique for such as Birdsongs and fresh jasmine upon entering the hotel, fragrant foliage-framed grounds, alluring bar and a classy restaurant, suites and communal areas have been lavished with kilometers of personalized soft furnishings and furnished chairs.
Moreover 1,000 hotels selection of awardees, but then the victorious award best new luxury hotels goes to Morocco.
Launched in 2006, the “World Luxury Hotel Awards” is a respected international association that yearly celebrates excellence in the Luxury Hotel sector and to recognize those establishments.