Beni Mellal International Airport serves first passenger plane

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The plane from Milan, Italy, ridden by 80 passengers, just landed to the newly opened Beni Mellal International Airport. It also served another plane leaving for Milan with 11 passengers on board. The airport project was reportedly required a budget worth 195.5 million dirham.

Beni Mellal International Airport serves first passenger plane

Beni Mellal International Airport serves first passenger plane

The first travelers were welcomed by a regional official delegation headed by the Governor of the province of Beni Mellal and Wali of Tadla-Azilal region and were greeted for being part of the remarkable event which opens major perspectives on social and economic strategy.

Royal Air Maroc provided the first three weeks; three weekly departures and three arrivals are scheduled per week specifically during Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Subsequently, the traffic will be extended to other airlines which have already making contact with the National Office of Airports (ONDA).

The project’s realization was made possible by a joint venture between the ONDA which allocated DH128 million and the Council of the Tadla-Azilal which outlaid DH67.5 million. The new airport which has just undergone a renovation is situated eight kilometers northeast west of the city of Beni Mellal. It can accommodate 130,000 to 250,000 passengers per year. The architectural design optimizes spaces for hassle-free management of passengers. The airport features terminals measuring 1,400 square meters and another terminal with an area of, a 2,500 meter long and 45 meter wide runway, and a control tower standing 24 meters high, equipped with advanced technological equipment that goes along with the international requirements for safety, security and quality of services. It includes a public hall, a departure and an arrival area with a VIP lounge. This airport will accommodate towing devices Boeing B737-800 that will ensure domestic and international flights.

Furthermore, the geographical position of the aerodrome and the special microclimate of Beni Mellal promote the exercise of certain aeronautical sports and activities such as gliding especially skydiving that magnetize thousands of amateur athletes and professionals from around the world between December and April of each year. The airport can also offer private aviation and planes from flying clubs in the Kingdom.

Mohamed Dekkak