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The upcoming for the Middle East’s retail business looks very promising because of high consumer confidence, major infrastructure spending

Assuring opportunity ahead for retail

Assuring opportunity ahead for retail

in the lead-up to World Expo 2020 in Dubai and the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar, according to a specialist.

The executive director of Dubai-based Thought Leaders Middle East said that the retail division is currently a robust economic performer in the Middle East and specifically the UAE as leading worldwide retailers are eager to increase into the region to cash in on the tough revival on the economic and tourism fronts.

High consumer buoyancy, major infrastructure spending in the lead up to Expo 2020 and Fifa 2022 and the reality that shopping is deeply rooted within the region’s culture are prompting a steady arrival of top global brands to the region. The UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are said to top the list for international retailers looking to expand into the region, particularly those at the luxury end of the marketplace.

Dubai in actual is considered a key retail tourism destination internationally. People come experience the amazing infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, airport entertainment zones and a shopping experience like no other. Dubai and other parts of the UAE and the Middle East attract expats from all over the world who are enticed to the Gulf region for its immense employment and lifestyle chances. With many of them highly-fashion cognizant and savvy patrons, the fact that the brands and quality items they love are practically on tap is a strong motivation for them to keep spending. Obviously this is really sounds good to the ears of retailers in the region.

To a question about the benefits of Expo 2020 and Fifa 2022 to the region’s retail sector, both major global events will certainly be substantial increase accelerators for retail in the region.

Mohamed Dekkak