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Dubai Ruler HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and PM of the United Arab Emirates, gave hisdubai metro directions to alter Dubai Metro stations into museums of art exhibiting  creative works of art creations from various ideas and societies. The project is set to be completed within one year and to synchronize the launch with the commencement of Art Dubai 2015.

This distict program aims to make arts and resourcefulness available to everyone. This plan is to give passengers of Dubai Metro with a rare and enjoyable experience. The initiative intends to improve the UAE international position in general, specifically Dubai as a very important supporter for arts and artists.

The UAE gives a cultural link that connects the east to the west. A universal language, art is a diverse range of human activities that have the authority to bond humanity and conveys people from different languages, races, and traditions collectively.

The project’s first phase will consist of changing f4 significant metro stations into art museums. Every museum will have a definite topic that features a certain feature of arts or cultures. The museum’s exterior and interior designs will display their themes.

The Islamic art and Arabic Calligraphy Museum will cover a compilation of artworks motivated by the Islamic art and its progress stages years ago. Ceramics, documents, and jewelry will be some of the substances on display which emphasize the art and culture element of the times they symbolize. Inscription paintings will also be on exhibit to offer visitors a taste of the Arabic calligraphy art and its enlargement through the different periods.

Inventions Museum will give the guests from different eras a one of a kind and interactive educational experience that exemplifies the most significant human inventions in varied themes. It will also include the involvement of the most important inventors in human history from all times as well as the very age we live in.

Contemporary Art Museum will propose a unique and wide-ranging sight on contemporary art through a collected work which reflects the logic of modern creative appearance such as paintings, models, graphic illustrations and designs made by current artists from different countries.

Visual Art Museum will feature the trendy visual art scene in screening movies and documentaries and presenting multimedia content of cultural and creative core. This will give the visitors a chance to impart their work and have it on an exhibit as well.

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had commenced Smart Dubai initiative to transform Dubai into the most elegant city in the world. Dubai Metro Museum will give confidence to the people to act together with the presented artworks and contribute to growing consciousness levels of art in everyday existence.

Mohamed Dekkak