Arrival of Dubai’s First Tram Coaches, this week

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The Roads and Transport Authority have declared the arrival at Jebel Ali port of the 1st Dubai Arrival of Dubai’s First Tram Coaches, this weektram coaches will be expected this week. Dubai tram is the world’s first tramway project powered by a ground-based electric supply system extending along the track.
By the end of the month, RTA will perform the trams’ technical run in the depot’s rails, and will then be traveled out in distance of about 2 kms outside the depot.
The tram will be shipped from France, that is made up of seven coaches and comprise the initial batch of eleven trams in phase 1, with close to fourteen trams to be added in the second phase to make a total of twenty five Trams. Authorities stated that this procedure would keep on going and gradually expand until the formal operation of the tram soon in November 2014.
The technical trial run undertaken in the factory also ensured the readiness of the tram brakes electric feeding systems, coupling process, monitoring & control system, control systems in all circumstances, mechanism for connecting rolling stock in the tram, all airconditioning system which is a power supply disconnection, proper operation and performance of in addition to operating trials of the tram during both normal and emergency operation.
The tram is anticipated to carry around 27,000 passengers each day at the beginning of operations in 2014, and in 2020 it’s expected to hit more than 60 thousand passengers every day. The Tram network includes seventeen passenger stations, eleven of them are contained under Phase 1 and expanded throughout busy and populated sites near the tramway. The fleet covers eleven trams in the first phase, and fourteen trams will add up in the second Phase to make an overall of twenty-five operating trams.
The Dubai Tram is also the first tramway in the world that utilizes Platform Screen Doors in commuter stations completely aligned with the tram door open and shut off mechanism to provide a full convenience, security, and safety for travelers, and also to protect the indoor airconditioning quality of both carriages and stations from outdoor climate conditions.