Arab League Park on set for transformation in 2015

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With the supporting studies and funds released, the long awaited rehabilitation of the Arab League Park in Casablanca is now on course according to the delegated contracting authority for the project.

Arab League Park on set for transformation in 2015

Arab League Park on set for transformation in 2015

The works are planned to start in January 2015 with a total project cost estimate of 100 million dirham in which 45 million will be shouldered by the urban district of Casablanca, 35 million will be paid by the Directorate General of Local Government, in addition to a contribution of the Grand Casablanca region worth 20 million. The completion period for the work, which will consist of the rehabilitation of the park and restoration of the green spaces vary between 18 and 24 months.

According to studies conducted for this purpose, any basic infrastructure, including roads, lighting, watering, fountains, street furniture, sanitary equipment and fences, will be reviewed and redeveloped. Entertainment areas, games and food will also be set up. New technologies will also make their introduction to the rational use of natural resources such as water and energy.

Meanwhile, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection accompanied Casa Furnishings in its awareness and educational movement.  The Foundation will implement actions aimed at raising awareness and environmental education, particularly for young people, such as making an educational trail and create temporary gardens to introduce students at eco -Schools the concepts of gardening and knowledge of plants.

Yasmina Park is also involved in the renovation. It will be converted into a fun and educational park with a view of the park from the Arab League, like the great urban parks of international cities.

Mohamed Dekkak