Another Healthy Investment for Morocco

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A healthy country comprises of healthy countrymen. A newly equipped hospital has beenAnother healthy investment for Morocco visited by King Mohammed VI together with Guinean President in Conakry Morocco.

Another military medical and surgical hospital has been constructed near Palais des peoples, which in the center of the Guinea. The hospital offers highly standardized care which specializes in cardiology, dermatology and general plastic surgery, pulmonology, pediatrics, dentistry, traumatology and gynecology.

The said hospital is purposely built for the citizens of Guniea. They assured that all of the equipments are modern and advance to make an accurate and quick diagnosis and treatment for the patients.

Addition to this, the hospital is also complete in terms of the rooms and laboratories such as the intensive care unit, general anesthesia unit, emergency room, and even a large pharmacy which offers affordable and complimentary medicines for the patients.

In terms of staff, there seemed to be a sufficient number of doctors with different specializations, nurses, team coaches, and people support. They also provided a total of forty beds to accommodate the patients.