American Investors encouraged to Invest More in Morocco

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During the Morocco-American conference held in Rabat this week, business developmentAmerican Investors encouraged to Invest More in Morocco discussions focused on encouraging American businessmen to invest more in the Kingdom of Morocco.

With a goal to reveal and market the economic strengths of the kingdom and its political stability, the conference became a platform for Moroccan employers and members of the U.S Chamber of Commerce.

Assets of the kingdom as an investment hub were highlighted for U.S companies
The Director of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) is confident that the country is an ideal platform for American companies to establish business.

“Morocco, which achieves significant growth, offers real growth potential for U.S. investors and is a ideal platform for integration in Africa,” he quoted while speaking at the session on the theme.

Also, the President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), told local press that Morocco “can be a hub for Africa and for American businesses, “adding that signed agreements with SSA may be opportunities for Moroccan companies and Moroccan-American joint ventures.

He recalled that Morocco is one of the only African country that have signed a free trade agreement with the United States, noting that this agreement is a real window of opportunity to boost Moroccan exports.

Casablanca Finance City meanwhile focuses on the role of the financial institution of the country as a “multi-business hub” offering a comprehensive economic system that supports the business groups and multinational financial and non-financial.

Mohamed Dekkak