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A change in the emirate’s tourism industry is expected as the proposed project on Amazing waterfront leisure project in Abu Dhabi is proposedwaterfront leisure in Abu Dhabi will be a big hit. It will be a mixed-use leisure and retail development of which proposal is based on surveys from residents and visitors satisfaction with the new traditional souq being developed near the iconic historical gateway to the Abu Dhabi Island city, the Maqta Tower.
To ensure the success of this project and to cater to the needs of users the department will be sharing valuable insights with the private sector developers and investors bidding for this scheme to consider the most critical components for an exciting destination for visitors.
The scheme of 150,000 square meters will be developed on the waterfront between Sheik Zayed and Al Maqta Bridges opposite the Maqta Tower. An approximate 80% of the scheme will comprise food and beverage, retail, leisure and entertainment outlets, combined with an open air performance space and new hospitality offerings. A traditional Emirati souq will be at the heart of the scheme which will showcase high quality traditional handicrafts.
The idea to create a traditional market in its heart is influenced by the result of the survey of which 97 percent among the 1,300 residents surveyed agreed the concept. Both visitors and residents strongly believe that the souq element of the project will foster heritage and traditions of Abu Dhabi. Around 89% of tourists would prefer to see local dress and traditions, and about 79 per cent thought the idea is important. Majority of the respondents were in favor of the project to include more family events.
The project will be developed in partnership with private sectors through a build-operate transfer (BOT) model to deliver and manage the development in line with the highest international standards. Positive and supportive feedbacks have already been heard with regards to the proposal of the waterfront leisure project.