Amazing Reasons to attend the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

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Amazing Reasons to Attend the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Amazing Reasons to Attend the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Witnessing a cultural festival from any country is like watching their tradition unveil right before your eyes. Festivals happen in every part of the globe and Ibn Battuta International Festival is among those festivals which are meant for the peace loving tourists and the travelers from other regions towards Morocco.

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta will be held on November 9-12, 2017 in the city of Tangier, Morocco. It is an exciting event to celebrate the cultural lifestyle of Morocco and to commemorate the wonderful history of Ibn Batuta through travel, Literatures and Geographical forums, Theatrical plays, Musical shows, Carnival, street art Exhibitions, film Screening, highlighting the superb story of Ibn Battuta.

The Ibn Battuta festival aims to promote peace through travel and to honor Ibn Battuta and other world travelers. Ibn Battuta plays an essential role to enhance our social lives, connect us with our families and backgrounds and deliver us concept to live with the spirit of the mythical character of Ibn Battuta. That is also the best opportunity to bypass the legends, knowledge, cultures and traditions onto the younger and next generations.

What are teachings of Ibn Battuta communicated through this festival?

The stories of teachings of Ibn Battuta are mostly about the significant benefits of traveling. This international festival celebrated in Morocco relates its mandate with the teachings and life learnings of Ibn Battuta who considered traveling as a sign of peace that any person spreads peace and love whenever he travels from one region to other, meet, and greet people from different cultural backgrounds.

This festival mainly welcomes the Travelers as Ambassadors of Peace from other countries and value their regional customs, traditions. The theaters in this festival portray different plays and characters of different communities to equally value all the surrounding cultures. As Ibn Batuta stated:  “traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you right into a storyteller”, this precise event will make you travel around the world studying from the beyond and current globetrotters. The principle aim of this international carnival is to show to the world that people have different cultures however one best civilization.

Why is its beneficial for Travelers?

Highlighting the legacy of famed visitor Ibn e Batuta, the festival has been organized for different communities to engage amidst diversities in lifestyle and background, promote travel, and have meaningful interaction. Inspired by way of the remarkable Ibn Battuta, his adventure, and his unique individual: travel is the language of peace.

Find out the special connection amongst all the international locations in the global. Comprehend that there may be Peace despite the fact that we are from extraordinary races with extraordinary cultures. Every particular region has a wealthy and tremendous way of life, however, there may be a lot more to find out. This event is a great opportunity to reveal and cherish one’s tradition.


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