Al Mirfa Port reveals its new face

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A new, renovated and improved Al Mirfa Port has been launched in the Western district of Abu Dhabi to accommodate the requirements of the fishing community.

Al Mirfa Port reveals its new face

Al Mirfa Port reveals its new face

Developed by Abu Dhabi Ports, the new Mirfa port has received some upgrades in facilities such as rock revetment to shield the port berths, and the construction of a breakwater to protect the port’s basin from the pressure of strong water currents.

Furthermore, floating pontoons have been installed to lodge in 140 fishing boats and ferries. According to the port developer, the Al Mirfa Port is a major sight having newly developed facilities as part of their comprehensive development plans.

The master development plan of the developer also includes the Sir Bani Yas , Mugharrag Port and Delma Port. With the support of reliable collaborators, Abu Dhabi Ports is secure that these essential projects will take part in the development of the region and sustain the Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification initiatives.

Moreover, Abu Dhabi Ports is supervising and control the ports of Mugharrag , Delma, and Al Sila. Mugharrag Port which is presently under design stage will have complete redevelopment and regarding Delma Port, the infrastructure will be improved to contain a ferry terminal and a marina which can accommodate up to 160 boats, which is expected to further enhance the service assistance to the community, drawing water sports and exciting local activities and regional tourism.

Abu Dhabi Port is currently in partnership with the Tourism Development and Investment Authority (TDIC) to develop the Sir Bani Yas Island’s beach front which is scheduled to finish in the third quarter of 2016. The facilities in the island are not fully opened but it began receiving tourists and tour passengers through the provisional facilities provided by TDIC.

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