Akchour: An Exceptional Gem in Captivating Morocco

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Thirty kilometers or around nineteen miles to the south-east of Chefchaouen, not far-away from the coastal town of Ouedlaou, in the Talassemtane National Reserve, stand the fascinating and captivating waterfalls of Akchour.

Akchour: An Exceptional Gem in Captivating Morocco

Akchour: An Exceptional Gem in Captivating Morocco

The location is like an elegant, heavenly painting, enchanting tourists, hikers and adventurers from all over the world, especially in the summer time.

Some autochthonous people stated that Akchour is a Berber word that refers to “part, part of” or “somewhere,”, the name was motivated by the solitude, and seclusion of the place.

With the intention to access the falls, you must drive around five miles on a rough and feebly cemented road that ends at a parking space. From this point, you must walk through the opaque jungle for around one hour to make the first cascade, the small one. To arrive at the larger and more prominent cascade needs two very tiring hours of walking along dangerous tracks exceeded with dirty slopes and several stony, watery and even woody obstacles.

All along the way, messy tents are set up on both areas of the trail where free drinking water is provided, with some premium juices and food. The cool, shaded landscape at the waterfall is breathtaking, with water dropping from above five hundred feet high, a magic fusion of blue and green, peagons filling the air. Everybody is excited by the alluring and enchanting distinctiveness of the site.

Unluckily, you must then expend another two hours walking back to the parking area under the similar challenging circumstances, however all of your throbs and pains will vanish when you remember the wonder of the happening, the magnificence of the place and its one-of-a-kind surroundings.

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