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Abu Dhabi Airport has been busy enhancing its amenities, conveniences and services in expectation of the summer journey seasons.

Airport developments check in

Airport developments check-in

A range of ground developments has been made across Terminals 1 and 3 in order to guarantee a smooth travel.

The chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports, Ali Majed Al Mansoori pointed out that as they look in the future to welcome a record the quantity of travelers using International Airport of Abu Dhabi as their connecting destination airport, the quantity of flights they will manage during the spike of holiday months will leap by 18% to closely 170 each day of the week compared to last summer.

They have made immense developments all over the airport to make sure that all travelers, whether departing, transferring, or arriving will have a vast beginning to their holiday travel.

Current developments include the addition of 20 boarding bus gates at Terminal 3; six new wide-bodied aircraft stands; 16 new x-ray machines to speed up security; and an enlarged luggage transfer method.

The airport has also set up a range of new retail and food and beverages stores.

Mohamed Dekkak