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Since the Center of Waste Management (CWM) initiated the aggressive campaign onAggressive Campaign Of Waste Recycling Program In Abu Dhabi recycling, the capital city of United Arab Emirates has 90% waste recycling programs in the villa communities.
In September 2011, CWM started giving the 240-litre bins in villa communities, now; it has 30,000 green and black bins.
The centre allowed the residents to work out on the process of recycling since they were all provided with the instructions, picture attached to the bins.
The black bins are for non-recyclable garbage like spoiled/ left-over foods, cleaning sponges, cigarettes and general wastes while recyclable wastes such as bottles, cans and plastics are for green bins.
CWM explains that garbage’s were collected together and it’s being separated at the recycling plant.
Even though there is no timeline, the centre’s goal is to cut the waste all around the city 70% by 2015 and 70% by 2018.
The center is adding more effort to push the campaign and reach all homes the information of segregating waste to save the environment and help in creating a sustainable feature.
CWM believes that this goal will be achieved through continuous education and awareness through campaigns and events.