Agadir Validated 140 projects in the first half of 2014

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A total of 140 investment projects were approved to generate more than 3,600 job opportunities and the mobilization of an overall investment estimated 2.26 billion dirham, equivalent to an appreciation of 17% compared to same period last year.

Agadir Validated 140 projects in the first half of 2014

Agadir Validated 140 projects in the first half of 2014

These investments involve a series of projects investigated by the International Chamber of Commerce. These are requests for access to the land by the State, for certification to non-farming, mining projects, projects developed in industrial areas and those of social housing.

An against-performance was recorded compared to the same period last year in terms of projects. This decrease was mainly due to the flow of mining records, projects related to exploration licenses came to an end and whose renewal takes place every four years. That assessment which the sector has returned after this period has had a positive effect on job creation. In this regard, the mining sector is deemed to be a potential area for job creation.

Real estate projects have been characterized by a remarkable predominance. This allowed them to place 61% of investment mobilized in the region. The first quarter of the current year has seen a series of programs launched which are included in the national recovery plan for social housing. The 12 projects achieving 5.097 units have been validated and required an estimated total investment of 984 million dirham, including “Darna” with an investment of around 250 million dirham.

The first half of this year was also marked by the validation of two large residential construction projects. The first project focuses on the realization of a residential group for a budget of 240 million dirham. The second involves the construction of residential group “Alwahda” with an investment of 144 million dirham.

The first six months of 2014 were marked by the authorization of a multitude of tourism investment projects, including the Riu Tikida Taghazout hotel, requiring a budget of around 500 million dirham and that will create some 2,000 jobs.

This first half was also marked by the announcement of the construction of fruits and vegetables market in Inzegane initiated by the urban municipality for a total investment of 120 million dirham and will create nearly 500 jobs.

The ICC has also issued 1,467 certificates during this period. The analysis of all these certificates by sector shows the predominance of the construction sector followed by the sectors of trade and services.

Mohamed Dekkak