Africa’s largest wind farm to run on December

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The CEO of Nareva Holding stated on a press trip in Tarfaya, Foum El Oued and Akhfennir how they discovered the three wind farms Africas-Largest-Wind-Farmin the south.

The latter two sites have been operational since 2013, while Tarfaya is on setting up phase. It is supported by Tarfaya Energy Company (Tarec), a company IPP (Independent Power Producer) mutually owned by GDF Suez and Nareva Holding and is financed with 5 billion dirhams or $ 1 billion of equity.

Since 2012, Nareva and German Siemens have been working hard pulling together the last pieces of the 131 turbines designed for the site with a capacity of 300 MW.

Tarfaya Park is predicted to achieve and supply up to 15% of the 2,000 MW of wind power in 2020 as part of the national energy strategy national target and the site will produce 1,084 GWh per year. This value is equivalent to the energy usage of the city of Marrakech in a year.

It is said that energy generated will be provided by the National Electric and Water (ONEE) under a acquisition contract of 20 years.

According to Nareva, the level of industrial integration of Moroccan companies is more than 35% in creating the study, civil works, electrical works, and towers of the wind turbines.

Also, Nareva is also in charge for the maximization of Delattre Levivier’s production capacity in Morocco, so it could accommodate the needs expressed by its subsidiary.

Mohamed Dekkak