Africa’s Largest Coca-Cola Plant, Soon to Rise in Tangier

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The world’s bottled soda, Coca-Cola will soon to build its largest African plant in Tangier, Africa’s Largest Coca-Cola Plant, Soon to Rise in TangierMorocco.

An estimated budget of 135 million dirhams will be invested for the construction of the Coca-Cola plant in Tangier Free Zone with 100 million litter production capacity per year. The area covers 12 hectares and will require 24 months of construction work.

The formal announcement of this new investment in Tangier, Coca-Cola and Diana Holding has not yet done. The preparation of a major publicity campaign to promote Coca-Cola and its brands and destination Morocco is ongoing.

At the headquarters of Coca-Cola in Casablanca, Abdelhamid Addou office – DG Diana Holding – Rabat or at Atlas Bottling Company in Tangier, we are assured that “all the details will be revealed in due time.” According to some sources, it will be the end of September, for others, rather to November.

The purpose of this investment is to support the increased demand on the North-West knowing it, for over 10 years, has one of the highest in Morocco regional economic growth. Numerous tourist investments latter also contribute to an increase in demand for Coca-Cola products.

Initial information from media entities in Morocco say that a factory of 35,000 sqm covered would be built primarily, before a planned expansion of 25,000 square meters. Part of the funding would come from this investment including the land on which the current plant is Tangier, a little less than 4 hectares, now located in the urban area close to the university district and hypermarkets and shopping areas Marjane Aswak Assalam. The new unit is expected to contribute to an increase in capacity of Atlas Bottling Company in excess of 50% by 2020.

Today, Coca-Cola has congestion in Tangier and Oujda factories, two units in Casablanca, more Fez, Marrakech and Agadir. The only Tanger Factory provides 20% of the bottling of the 300 million liters of soft drinks Coca-Cola products each year in Morocco. Plants Tangier and Oujda, both belonging to Diana Holding, employ just over 1,000 people and annual revenues exceeding 800 million dirhams in 2012 sales.

The realization of this Coca-Cola project in Tangier should strongly contribute to strengthening the industrial vocation and logistics hub of the city. Besides the Tangier Free Zone, which hosts many behemoths such as Yazaki, Delphi, Valeo or San José y Lopez, Tanger now houses one of the largest factories of Renault world while Bel Cheese (La Vache Qui Rit, Kiri) also has the largest factory of its production network in Europe and Africa.