Aerial Drones Project; To Deliver Posts to Citizens

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As part of its initiative to upgrade government services, the U.A.E. reveals a plan to use unmanned aerial drones to transport posts such as packages and paper files to residents.
UAE has been known for one-of-a-kind, state of the art project and high technology equipment, the aerial drone project could be another remarkable milestone.
The automatic aerial drone is a vehicle operated by a battery, about a half meter and looks like a butterfly with a topmost section that can take in small parcels. White in color, decorated with the flag of the United Arab Emirates, and it is driven by 4 rotors.
A UAE citizen engineer who designed the project said security systems which is capable of fingerprint and eye-recognition would be used to defend the drones and their cargo. The aerial drones will undergo continuous testing for 6 months before officially introducing it nationwide.

Services would initially include delivery of identity cards, driving licenses and other permits.