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Adnoc to improve efficiency of all its operations

Adnoc to improve efficiency of all its operations

UAE minister of state and CEO of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Sultan Al Jaber, has disclosed further information of his large-scale plan to make Adnoc, this government owned company a world pioneer in the energy industry.

The strategy includes streamlining operations over the majority of Adnoc’s projects with an end goal to drive proficiency, execution and productivity in the business. It will likewise include setting up another business oriented mindset among Adnoc’s 55,000 workers.

The objective is to guarantee Adnoc remains a focal patron to the UAE economic diversification strategy and performs on a standard with any multinational organization, with focus on shareholder value, Mr Al Jaber said.

A gas chief plan has started to adjust upstream and downstream gas operations throughout 18 organizations to secure compelling execution, taking after the decision to rebalance the measure of gas being re-infused to make more accessible.

Interest for natural gas in the UAE has been rising quickly – around 6 percent annually – and the country has needed to import an expanding sum as of 2008.

“An emphasis will be set on guaranteeing we give a feasible and prudent supply of gas through a coordinated gas master strategy,” he said.

Another major focus of the new methodology is the upstream operation, which Mr Al Jaber has recognized as one of the ranges in which Adnoc needs to increase profit.

“For example, in gathering acquisition we are hoping to influence our purchasing power and enhance the effectiveness of our operations by improving stock and working capital,” he said.

“We will likewise be all the more business minded in the smarter utilization of crude oil. Murban-our lead item is sold available at a premium, so as opposed to utilizing it as a part of the refining procedure we are checking out how to substitute this significant asset with offshore blended crude as an alternative,” he clarified.

The plan also targets making quality to Adnoc’s downstream business. “Our company is analyzing how to adjust and make more effort amongst our downstream operations, how best to augment the utilization of our assets and to deliver new petrochemical items,” Mr Al Jaber included.

The team’s new focus is partially an aftereffect of the changed economic situations taking after the fall in the cost of petroleum from historic highs in the mid-year of 2014 and mirrors Adnoc’s part as a key wealth generator and a driver of the enhancement arrangement laid out in the Economic Vision 2030.

Mr Al Jaber’s strategy — which has been conveyed to Adnoc administrators in the initial hundred days since he was delegated CEO in February — will be actualized logically in the coming years in what has been portrayed inside as a “journey to the future” for Adnoc.

Benchmarking exercises have been presented, utilizing best practice industry measures on the key paradigm of operating expense per barrel (opex). The fundamental opex benchmark has been incorporated with the execution contracts of Adnoc elements and the senior officials that run them.

The new procedure will likewise make Adnoc specialty units more responsible, and help them to stick to international best practice. Yet, the organization is not believed to consider first sale of stock of its holding organization or any specialty units on securities exchanges, an Adnoc source said.

The presentation of adjusted key execution pointers over the organization, and also reassuring national ability, is seen as particularly noteworthy inside Adnoc, supporting the entire system, guaranteeing that execution and business criteria are “hard wired” into the organization and its representatives over every one of its operations.


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