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Organizing an International Festival is a versatile way to appreciate any culture. The entire world celebrates a particular festival which is unique to a single region. These festivals play an important role in the identity of the culture. People celebrate life around the world to pay tribute to some of the outrageous reasons. Festival celebrated at the international level are the souls of the social and cultural life. However, the trend of celebrating festivals modifies with the changing world. Now people are too busy in their schedule to take time out and celebrate some memories. Therefore, the international festival gives people a reason to mingle, to live and to enjoy a peaceful life away from worries and stress. These festivals tend people to look forward towards life and know the world around. The International festival of Ibn Battuta is organized with a reason to fill the people’s life with love and joy. People find this festival quite interesting. The Adgeco Group Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival revealed the importance of this amazing festival. This article will tell you everything about the Adgeco Group and why they are taking part in the International Festival of Ibn Battuta.

Introduction to the Adgeco Group

Mohamed Dekkak founded the Adgeco Group Company in the United Arab Emirates. The primary role of this group is to provide the expertise in promoting different projects. This company is providing expert advice to multinational and regional corporations in the competitive world of business. It tells the know-how to obtain tenders and participate in different organizations. This company plays an active role in the success of any business. Different companies of the United Arab Emirates seek to get access to the services of the Group to fulfill the expectations of the emerging multinational companies. That is the United Arab Emirates is dramatically progressing in the industrialized economy market. This Company has high caliber management and the experienced professionals in the different fields like Desalination and Sewage, Oil and Gas, Construction and Infrastructure, Security System Integration, Real Estate Services, Landscaping, Interior Design, and much more.

Different services offered by the Adgeco Group ensure the diversity and stability to any changes. It provides careers to the unemployed qualified individuals in the field of expertise and competence. After employment, this company will ensure the satisfaction and growth of the employees. So that they can obtain more knowledge required to grow in the competitive world. The endless dedication of the company continued to expand the start-up businesses to the different areas of the United Arab Emirates.

About the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Tangier is going to host the International Festival of Ibn Battuta by the end of 2017. The Moroccan Association decided to celebrate this event in order to highlight the journey of Ibn Battuta and pay him a grand tribute. Ibn Battuta brings the tradition of traveling to the world and this tradition is cherished in every corner of the globe. It is necessary to keep this tradition alive through celebrations. Every new generation comes with latest trends forgetting the old ones. Celebrating the old culture in a new way is the best way to make them realize the importance of the historical figures like Ibn Battuta.

After the successful celebration of the first edition of the Ibn Battuta festival, the Moroccan Association is going to organize the second edition with some innovation and interesting activities. An opening ceremony of the event will take place on 9th of November. With the next morning, the tourist will be able to enjoy the theatre, movie, and conferences. Similarly, the international carnival is going to take place on the third day. Different events will glorify the tour of the people and will memorize the journey of Ibn Battuta.

Reason for the Adgeco Group Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival

People from different parts of the world are planning to visit Morocco in order to cherish the culture of travel. Everyone is taking interest in this amazing event because of the overwhelming activities. Different shows will capture the attention of the people from different parts of the world. It is the best event for people who love traveling and want to celebrate it. The Adgeco Group is going to join this versatile event. Entertainers from different countries will promote the historical character of Ibn Battuta. The stunning activities attract the companies from the different part of the world.


  • Music in any festival is more tempting for the young generation than anything else. Famous singers from the different continents will take part in it. Reviving the tradition of traveling is somewhat a new way to pay tribute. Youngsters will enjoy the mesmerizing music. Musicians will play their talent to impress the tourist who is there to remember the traveling tradition. The famous travelers of other iconic countries will also get the tribute to motivate people for traveling.

Ibn Battuta Carnival is going to be the best event where little boys will perform folk music. School or college boys will get the opportunity to display their talent.

  • Another notable thing in the festival will be the Art Display of the renowned artists. They will show the journey of Ibn Battuta with some amazing paintings. Some maps and books displayed in this activity of the event will surely take the traveler back to his medieval times. The street art will make you revisit this place. The association will display the work of the renowned artists in the streets of Tangier. It will definitely take your breath and teach you a lot about the historical travelers. You can look into the world of Ibn Battuta with the mesmerizing art of the great artists.
  • An amazing Carnival will attract different people from the same community. You will see the carnival passing through the streets of Morocco. The little kids from different schools will make it the best festival to attend. This Carnival will give the traveling lovers to get a chance to know about the travelers of the past. They will learn a lot from this festival. It will help them understand the traveling tradition from a completely different aspect.
  • People who love literature will get the opportunity to know the history through scheduled conferences. They will get to know everything about the character and life of Ibn Battuta who is the greatest traveler of all time. Many conferences on different topics of history and literature will let you know about the great travelers.
  • Presenting the life of Ibn Battuta in the form of theatrical plays is another overwhelming activity. Travelers will feel as if they have gone back to the world of Ibn Battuta and he is traveling with him. Tourists will get the chance to explore the different countries sitting in the auditorium.

How to boost the traveling tradition?

The Adgeco Group play their part to lift the traveling tradition. Taking part in the International Festival of Ibn Battuta is one of the best ways to keep the traveling tradition alive. People from different caste, creed, and culture will be a part of this tradition which will ultimately contribute in uniting the world. Most of the people fear from visiting the strange places where they do not know anyone. This fear will make those people miss the opportunity to see versatile places. However, if most of the people will travel, then everyone will feel safer. The most important thing to encourage people for traveling is to give them awareness about traveling. This awareness surely begins from educating the people about the greatest travelers of all time like Ibn Battuta. He suffered a lot to bring this tradition of traveling to the world.

Organizing international festivals about the legends who discover this traveling tradition can be the best way to attract people. When such festivals promise to highlight the legacy of the greatest travelers through interesting activities, then people will definitely join hands to visit that place again and again. Regardless of their background, culture or tradition, they will share same dreams and needs. People from different continents will get the chance to meet and know each other. Visiting Morocco to revive the tradition of Ibn Battuta will let people know the versatile culture of this place as well. They will have a meaningful interaction through this festival. This festival will communicate the message of peace as Ibn Battuta also encourage people to spread peace and love in the nation. It will create special communication amongst the people from different communities. Without talking about races or creeds, people will only share laughter and love. It is actually a healthy and wealthy way of life that will take people out from their hectic routine. The chaotic technology is trapping the entire world in its web and people forget to enjoy the life.

A festival to explore the culture of Morocco

Every country has its own culture and tradition. Travelers often get the chance to know the culture of many countries. The United Arab Emirates based company Adgeco Group Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival will attract travelers from different parts of the world. The art, culture, music, and tradition of the Morocco is completely different from the other cultures. The art exhibition in the international festival of Ibn Battuta will highlight the versatile traveling tradition of this country. The tradition of traveling begin from the ground of Morocco, so it is necessary to celebrate such festivals. This festival was planned to celebrate once a year but the high appreciation of people is making the Association to organize an international festival again this year. This international festival will give the poor talented people an opportunity to showcase all their talent in the form of music, drama or art. However, the tourists will get the chance to know the beautiful culture of Morocco.

People of Morocco are quite friendly, so you can know the tradition of Morocco without any hesitation. The arrangement of food stalls in the international festival will let the tourist know about the cuisine of this place. You will get to know that people of Morocco love to eat food with their hands rather than spoon or folk. They have welcoming attitude so tourists can join them for a meal in the festival. The colorful walls displaying the street art will show you the real taste of the people of Morocco. You will get to know a lot about the culture of Tangier by taking part in a single international festival. You can capture every activity of the event so that you can tell your people about the amazing tradition of Morocco. Moroccans love traveling because they had greatest travelers in their ancestors. You will realize their love for traveling from the International Festival of Ibn Battuta.

A Festival to Promote the Legacy of Ibn Battuta

The significance of traveling is revealed from the teachings of Ibn Battuta. The Adgeco Group take part in the event to promote the legacy of Ibn Battuta. The Company believes in encouraging people to travel around the world and explore every part of the globe. Ibn Battuta believed that traveling is a sign of peace and if you travel in the different parts of the world, then it means you want to spread peace in the chaotic world. Whenever he travels from one region to the other, then he used to meet and greet people of different culture. The activities performed by the renowned artists will show the love of Ibn Battuta for traveling.

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta shows their value to the regional traditions. Ibn Battuta believed that traveling will turn you into a storyteller. It means that once you visit this event, you will tell your people about the amazing festival and the activities being performed. It is an event that will make you travel around the other countries who are organizing such events to enhance tourism. The world is full of such events but there is no one who can promote them. The Adgeco Group Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival will let you know the importance of this event. Pack your stuff and make way towards Morocco to enjoy the world of Ibn Battuta!